Monday, November 19, 2012

Had a nice run on Sunday morning with friends.  Started down near the bay, ran along the paved trail, 5 am, beautiful.. cold, but beautiful.  Decent pace, headed over to Frontier park where the kids use the hills for snow-sledding to do some hill repeats.

*side note*:  I started an event/personal challenge, titled "Hill Repeats from Hell".  One month of hill training, starting November 18, 2012.  First week, complete 25 hill repeats (any way you wish, five on one day, 20 on another day.. or five a day for five days, etc).  Second week, 50 hills.  Third week, 75 hills.  Fourth week, 100 hills.  I think I'll break down the 4th week into two sessions per day, 10 hills per session, for five days.

Anyways, went over to the hills, did 10 repeats.  15 to go for the week.  I will save 5 for after the local Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving, repeats on the big hill at Presque Isle State Park.  Guaranteed to make some extra room for Thanksgiving dinner!

Life is good, Happy Thanksgiving week!