Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hill Repeats from Hell - 3rd Annual!!!

Often imitated, never duplicated, Hill Repeats from Hell is back again for its third year!

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Quick and dirty:
Week One (Nov 23 - Nov 29):  25 hill repeats
Week Two (Nov 30 - Dec 6):  50 hill repeats
Week Three (Dec 7 - Dec 13): 75 hill repeats
Week Four (Dec 14 - Dec 20): 100 hill repeats

IMPORTANT: That is 25, 50, 75, and 100 hills for THE ENTIRE WEEK, not each day!  For example, during Week One, you could do five per day for five days, or twenty in one day and five on another day.  Do whatever works for you!


Pick a hill that's relatively short (but not too short!). Remember, you'll want to be able to do 100 repeats in the fourth week (but obviously it should be VERY challenging).  Going outside your comfort zone is essential for growth!

Be sure to warm up before starting your hills.  Run the hills at 5k effort, or about 90% of maximum effort.  Maintain good form while going up the hill.  Eyes forward, upright posture (maybe a slight forward lean, but you should not be hunched).  Drive your arms forward and back, not side to side.  Try to maintain good form throughout each of the repeats. Dig deep!!

To recover, you can walk or slowly jog back down the hill. 


GET STARTED EARLY in the week.  Each day you put off and say "eh, I'll just do more the next day" makes it much more difficult.  And no, you cannot start on the next week's hills until you reach the start date for the next week.

IT IS ALWAYS BETTER WITH FRIENDS!  Find a hill, grab a few crazy like-minded friends, and get out there and run!  It's especially helpful to do it with friends on the cold blistery winter days that you'll likely encounter.

If you're running on trails, use a stick to keep a tally in the mud (or snow!).  It's sometimes hard to keep track after a few!

Post updates on the Facebook page!  Invite your friends! Let's encourage each other and help one another stay accountable. Additionally, if you'd like to post about other training you're doing, and successes (or failures) with your diet and nutrition, you are more than welcome!  We do this as a group to stay moving and stay strong during a time of the year when it's often too easy to slack off. 

Above all, HAVE FUN!!!

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